Korean vs. Western Beauty Standards

Korean vs. Western Beauty Standards

Korean vs. Western Beauty Standards

Is beauty subjective or objective? Although there is not a right or wrong answer to this question, the beauty standard highly depends on various factors, such as the country and culture. In this blog post, we’ll explore Korean vs. Western beauty standards.

Korean beauty standard

1. White skin

Koreans desire for a white skin, which is the main reason why they wear sunscreen on a daily basis for sun protection. It is not uncommon to see umbrellas on a sunny day (usually in the summer), where Korean women use umbrellas to protect their skin from the sun and UV rays.

2. Small face

Koreans are obsessed with the size of the face  smaller is more beautiful. They would do anything to reduce the size of their face. Thus, face rollers and V-line face masks are widely used along with facial massage in order to achieve a smaller face. The main reason to this obsession is probably due to proportion; the smaller the face is, the taller the person appears.

3. Double eyelids

Koreans usually have a single eyelid and lack a crease on the upper eyelid, subsequently making the eyes appear smaller. Thus, one of the most common plastic surgeries on Koreans is the double eyelid surgery, which is artificially creating a fold in the upper eyelids in order to achieve big Western eyes.

4. Skinny body

The majority of Korean women strive for a skinny rather than a curvy body. In fact, most female K-pop stars have a thin and slim physique. As a result, many Korean women strive to achieve a skinny body.


Western beauty standard

1. Tanned skin

Whenever the sun is out, Westerners are outside to get a tan. Whenever the sun is not out, Westerners resort to indoor tanning beds to get a tan. In addition, instead of wearing sunscreen, they apply tanning lotions and sprays to get a darker skin tone. As can be inferred from their behaviors, Westerners value tanned skin over pale skin, as it may signify that they went on a vacation.

2. Smaller nose

Although Koreans prefer a bigger nose, a lot of Westerners wish to have a smaller nose. The reason may be that Westerners are generally born with a high nasal bridge.

3. High cheekbones

It is not uncommon among Koreans to undergo a cheekbone reduction surgery in order to reduce prominent cheekbones. On the contrary, Westerners prefer high cheekbones, as they symbolize maturity and make the facial features appear more distinct.

4. Voluptuous body

Rather than a skinny body, Westerners prefer a voluptuous and curvy body. One of the main reasons is that voluptuous bodies symbolize healthiness and high attractiveness.


The old maxim that the grass is always greener on the other side holds true in this case. Furthermore, as can be implied from the differing beauty standards shown above, there is no exact answer to beauty. Therefore, everyone is beautiful in her own way!

What are the beauty standards of your country? Feel free to leave comments below!

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