Korean Face Mask Recommendations

Korean Drug Store – Item Recommendations: Face Mask

Drug stores in Korea sell cool beauty items that are affordable and are only in Korea.

Many tourists ask questions to Koreans for recommendations.

#1 beauty item you must get in Korea is face mask.

There are so many different kinds of face mask with various price range.

One of the popular face mask is Mediheal face masks.

Prices are from $2~$3.

Mediheal face masks are one of the top quality face masks because of its adherence, price, and sensitivity. 

Here are some hot Mediheal face mask in Korea. During sale seasons, these items are likely to be sold out! 

Teatree face mask – stress relieving, calming effect

N.M.F Aquaring ampoule mask – hydration, pores, wrinkles

W.H.P White hydrating charcoal mineral mask – brightening, hydration

DNA Aquaring Proatin mask – hydration

Bird’s nest proatin mask – wrinkles, pores

Horse oil proatin mask – hydration, wrinkles, enhance skin protection

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