Korean Celebrities’ Beauty Secrets

Korean celebrities are known to have flawless skin and healthy body. 
Let’s peak into their beauty secrets!

Song Hye-Kyo:
It is known that she used to sneak into her mom’s eye cream and applied near her eyes since the age of middle school. 

Ko Hyun-Jung:
Known for having perfect skin, heater in her van is banned in winter times to protect her skin. — no matter how cold the weather is.

Kim Jong-guk:
One thing that he never ever eats. Ramen. 
He is known to bring his friends to the gym for bro bonding, while most Korean guys bond in bars.

Young-Gee from Kara: 
Young-gee is known to have a fit and beautiful body through pilates training. 
She has mastered many advanced level trainings. 

Kim Hee-ae: 
Known for having perfect skin, she said she constantly drinks water to keep hydration in her body system. 

Lee Jong-suk: 
Having bright and flawless skin, he is known to use green tea power when he cleanses his face.

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