Introducing our Chief Surgeon, Dr. Myung Ju Lee

Myung Ju Lee M.D. Ph. D.
Founder and Director of VIP International Cosmetic Surgery Center based in Seoul, Korea
Dr. Lee is recognized both in his homeland as well as internationally as one of the best plastic surgeons in existence today. Since he became a full-fledged plastic surgeon, Dr. Lee has filled professorate and chief doctor posts in various universities and hospitals and has made profound and systematic studies in the areas of autologous nose surgery, facial contouring surgery, face lift, breast surgery, liposuction, and fat grafting procedure.
Surgical Achievements
1996 – Became the ‘FIRST‘ plastic surgeon to perform and practice the Autologous Rib Cartilage Rhinoplasty in Korea
2001 – Became the ‘FIRST‘ plastic surgeon to perform and practice the HIGH-SMAS Face Lift in Korea
2003 – Developed the Combined Septal Deviation and Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Technique
2005 – Developed the Asian MID-FACE RETRUSION Augmentation technique using 100% autologous tissues
2007 – Developed and introduced the ‘GOLDEN LINE’ rhinoplasty
2009 – Further redifined the ‘GOLDEN LINE’ Rhinoplasty with his ‘HARMONY FACE’ techniques using 100% autologous tissues
Academic Profile and Experience
1986 – Graduated from Chosun University – College of Medicine with Bachelor of Arts and M.D
1992 – Graduated from Chosun University with a Master Degree
2000 – Graduated from Jun Nam University with a PhD
1987 – Internship at Chosun University Medical Center
1990 to 1994 – Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Resident at Chosun University College of Medicine
1994 to 1995 – Instructor at Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Chosun University Medical Center
1996 to 2001 – Professor (Plastic Surgery) at the Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Chosun University Medical Center
1999 to 2000 – Exchange Professor at UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, USA under:
Dr. Rohrich (Chief Professor and world famous Rhinoplasty Surgeon/ Editor of Plastic and Reconstructive Scientific Journal which is the most important journal in plastic surgery)
Dr. Barton (A former ASAPS president and the person who developed the High SMAS Face Lift)
Dr. Byrd (Master of Rhinoplasty and Cleft Lip Deformity)
Dr. Hober (Master of Craniofacial surgery)
Also Exchange Professor and Visiting Doctor at:
Dr. Gunter’s Rhinoplasty Institute
Dr. Guyuron at Case Western Reserve University Medical Center
Dr. Tebbets’s Rhinoplasty & Breast Surgery Center
Dr. Hamra’s Composite Face Lift Center
Dr. Hester’s Cosmetic Surgery Center
De. Isse’s Endoscopic Plastic Surgery Center
Dr. Paul’s Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center
Dr. Pinto’s Lipoplasty & Body Contouring Center
2001 to Present – Established VIP International Plastic Surgery Center in Seoul and became Chief Plastic Surgeon
2002 to Present – Clinical Professor, Chosun University School of Medicine
2005 – 2010 – Establishing & Executive Member, Korean Rhinoplasty Society
2007 to Present – Clinical Professor, Inje University School of Medicine
2009 – Scientific Chairman, Korean Rhinoplasty Society
2010 – Organizing Chairman, “Rhinoplasty Symposium Seoul 2010”
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