How to grow your hair faster

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How to grow your hair faster
Sometimes you are sick and tired of your short hair and want your hair to grow faster.
Or sometimes your hair is so damaged that you want to cut all your damaged hair. 
Many people use growth shampoo to make their hair longer. Although the shampoo might help grow faster, chemical stimulants will create negative effect and will not grow a healthy hair.
VIP Plastic Surgery Center would like to present natural ways to grow your hair faster.

1. Massage your scalp
When you massage your scalp, blood circulation will get faster and waste product will be removed quickly, and eventually help your hair grow.
Apply warm oil and massage for 3-5 minutes, and rinse it well. 

2. Trim your damaged hair
Many people think trimming hair will make their hair shorter. 
However, cutting out damaged hair will make your hair healthy, and help grow even faster. 

3. Wash your hair at night 
It is better to wash hair at night rather than washing in the morning. 
This is because it removes all the dirt and dust accumulated for the whole day, which will increase blood circulation and metabolism. 

4. Hair pack with egg whites
If you make a hair pack out of egg whites, it will help your grow your hair fast.
Apply egg whites on your hair and leave it for 5-10 minutes. The nutrition from egg whites will be absorbed to your hair and make your hair healthy.

5. Eat Protein and Vitamin 
Protein, mineral, and vitamins are essential nutrition to hair growth. 
High protein food such as milk, eggs, beans and high vitamin and mineral food such as salmon or broccoli will help your hair grow faster. 

6. Do not wash your hair too often
Shampoo help remove dirt and dust from your hair but it also removes oil, which is essential for hair growth. Washing your hair too often should be limited. 
7. Sleep well 
Growth hormones are essential to your hair growth. Usually its activity is high between 10pm to 2pm. 
8. Brush your hair regularly 
Brushing your hair stimulates the scalp and makes the blood circulation increase. Also, by preventing any hair tangles, it helps prevent hair damages. 

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