How to choose a right plastic surgery clinic

There are many plastic surgery clinics out there and you are confused which one to go to. Here are the criteria that you need to look for before deciding on one. 

– Check if the doctor is a board-certified doctor 
– Check doctor’s credentials and experience 
– Check whether doctor specializes in specific procedures
– Check if the clinic is legally registered

– Size: Size of a clinic is not as important. If there are too many doctors, there is a high possibility that they have under experienced doctors
– Staff: Staffs should be able to answer your questions and concerns if they are well trained by doctors
– Facilities: Sanitation level should be very high with up to date surgical equipment

– During an in-person consultation, doctor should be able to give an in-depth diagnosis and advice on the procedures you need
– Surgical cost depends on the patient’s condition and case, as well as doctor’s skills and experience. You should make a decision based on safety and quality, not on price

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