Hiking: A Popular Workout in Korea

Hiking: A Popular Workout in Korea

Hiking: A Popular Workout in Korea


The scorching summer has passed, and now it is time to get back to your exercise routine. Fall is a great season to engage in outdoor activities, and hiking has become one of the most popular exercises in Korea. It is a great cardio workout that provides vitamin D through sunshine, lowers blood sugar levels and blood pressure, and even increases happiness. Thus, it is not only good for the physical health, but also for the mind. Also, as it involves sweating, all your body waste is emitted, resulting in cleansed skin.

Mountains in Seoul

South Korea has numerous mountains, in which the capital city Seoul alone consists of 37 mountains, such as Namsan, Inwangsan, Dobongsan, Suraksan, Gwanaksan, and more. They vary in height, with the shorter ones requiring only one to two hours, whereas the longer ones may take an entire day. Thanks to public transportation, it is easy to get to most of these mountain entrances.

Seeing the green nature in the heart of Seoul will heal the soul.
P.S. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen in order to prevent skin damages from sun exposure

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