Gynecomastia (Male Chest Reduction) Review

There are many male patients who suffer from overdeveloped chest.
Gynecomastia (Male chest reduction) is performed at VIP Plastic Surgery Center. 

“Muy Bien,

I like to give kudo’s to the VIP Dr. Lee for the great work he did in my chest. Being half spanish I have extra development of my chest and it cause embarassment or discomfort while I’m working in the gym or just wearing a thin shirt. When I was referred to DR Lee he examine me and come up to the male chest reduction or gynecomastia it is a procedure to remove excess breast tissue and skin to help me regain confidence in my looks. Its been past one year now after my plastic surgery and everyday I enjoy looking at my chest.

Salute to the VIP providers and staff in the outstanding care that was given to me from the pick up to the airport until I have to go back to Columbia.”

Gynecomastia Before and After Pictures

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