Full Body Liposuction: 4 Things You Should Know Now

Full Body Liposuction: 4 Things You Should Know Now

Do you struggle to lose fat? Although you’ve been eating healthy and you exercise regularly? If this is the case and you can’t take off the stubborn fat on your body, you may be an ideal candidate for full body liposuction. Full body liposuction aka large volume liposuction is different from traditional liposuction. In traditional liposuction, a doctor removes fat from localized fatty areas. Alternatively, with full body lipo, a doctor removes more than 5 liters of fat from at least 5 different parts of the body. Here at VIP Plastic Surgery clinic, we are masters in body contouring. Before you embark on this journey, you should take into consideration some important factors.

Full Body Liposuction Considerations

Ideal Candidates:

The ideal candidates for full body lipo are:

    • Overweight: You should be between 30 to 40 pounds overweight for this surgery
    • Healthy: You must be in good physical and emotional health as this recovery time is longer than traditional liposuction
    • In Need of Fat Removal in multiple Areas:  There must be multiple areas where you need a doctor to remove the fat such as arms, back, love handles, upper & lower abdominal, inner/outer thighs and flanks.
    • Needing Significant reduction: You want a significant reduction in fat & your size

The Procedure:

Prior to getting surgery, you will receive all preoperative tests and screening. This will ensure that you don’t have any underlying conditions that may be unsafe for a doctor to perform this procedure. Your surgery will be performed in our completely safe, clean and accredited facility. In this surgery, a doctor removes excess fat using a cannula. Usually, over 5 liters of fat will be removed, this is usually not all pure fat but it includes approximately 2 liters of liquid.

We utilize the tumescent liposuction method. With this method, a big amount of anesthesia, as well as epinephrine, is infused into the body. This is ideal because the anesthesia and painkiller stay within the body, even after surgery. This helps to reduce the pain from surgery and prevent blood loss.

It is important to note that full body liposuction is not done in one session, but in 2 to 3 sessions spaced a few days apart. A doctor spreads the procedures out because the amount of tumescent fluid in sensitive areas can be increased. By spreading the procedures out, we can increase the amount of tumescent fluid used in the sensitive areas in each procedure. It helps control pain, maximize fat removal, and facilitate recovery.

    The Recovery:

After full body lipo, expect to spend the night in our clinic. Our licensed nurses will take care of you throughout the night to ensure you are comfortable.  Dependent on the number of lipo sessions you need, you might either stay in the clinic and recover or go home.  You will be able to resume your daily activities in 2 weeks. You should expect to see swelling and bruising for several months.


You need to manage your expectations since liposuction is not a weight loss tool. You can only expect to lose the weight of the fat that has been taken out of your body. It is extremely important that you find a licensed, experienced doctor, failing to do so may result in an unfavorable outcome.  If the doctor removes too much fat, the potential to lose a lot of liquid is likely. This could cause dehydration that could lead to shock. If you are significantly overweight, we will recommend a strict diet, exercise or in extreme circumstances, surgical weight loss.

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