Fat graft, Eyelid, and Nose Job REVIEW


Take a look at Monida’s honest review on her fat graft, eyelid surgery, and rhinoplasty at VIP International Plastic Surgery Center.
“Hi, I am Monida from Spain.
I did a fat graft, eye surgery and septal deviation surgery at VIP International Cosmetic Surgery Center, Seoul, Korea.
After I searched all over the internet to decide which clinic I should go to, I read a very positive reviews about VIP International Cosmetic Surgery Center in Korea. Especially how Dr.Lee is a trustworthy doctor. So I decided finally to do my surgery at VIP International Cosmetic Surgery Center.
When I arrived at the Incheon Airport, and the driver who was going to take me to my studio apartment that VIP provided was waiting for me.
He was very kind and was fluent in English.
Safely arrived at my studio apartment and headed to VIP International Cosmetic Surgery Center.
As I stepped in the clinic, all the staffs greeted with a smile. They told me to fill in the chart and we went to the doctor for a consultation.
Doctor was also very kind, and English interpreter was interpreting for me very clearly. Of course I could do a basic communication with the doctor.
Surgery was scary especially when I saw myself swollen, but it healed fast enough.
I am more than happy with my results now and I plan to go back for breast job. 
Thank you Dr. Lee, Joanne, Mrs. Kim, and everyone in the clinic!!!”
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