Why does fat gets absorbed after Fat Graft?

Why does fat gets absorbed after Fat Graft?

Why does fat gets absorbed after Fat Graft?


Fat Graft is one of the most effective ways to give volume to sunken areas of the face, breast, and hip. Fat Graft uses excess fat from abdominal and thigh area. Purified fat can give a very natural result while providing volumized young vibe. Many people’s concern about fat graft surgery is, “What if all of the fat gets absorbed right away after the fat graft surgery?” It is widely known that 50% of the fat will get absorbed after the surgery. However, amount of fat remained is highly dependent on method and surgeon’s skill, technique, and experience.


Fat Graft Procedure

  1. Diagnose sunken areas of your face / breast / or hip and identify areas that can be volumized.
  2. Perform IV Sedation Although some doctors perform local anesthesia for fat graft surgery, for a more detailed surgery, VIP doctors use IV sedation.
  3. Harvest excess Fat from stomach or thigh area. Using microcannula, VIP doctors perform least intrusive method. This minimalizes swelling, bruising, and damaging tissues.
  4. Filter harvested fat and purify using Centrifuge. To ensure only purified and sanitized fat in the desired area, centrifuge is used to carefully separate from the harvested fat.
  5. Inject in the desired area using doctor’s special technique and know-how.


So why does fat gets absorbed after Fat Graft?

Fat graft is performed in two ways – either treatment or surgery. When treatment method is used, it is done in a very simple way. Fat cells are only added in one layer in a simple way. In this case, fat cannot acquire blood supply after a few weeks after the surgery. Those fat cells that fail to acquire blood supply will gradually break down and dissolve eventually. VIP performs surgery method in order to put fat cells in every detailed layer and in many different directions. With this method and our surgeon’s experience, amount of fat is very high after fat graft at VIP.

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