Face contouring surgery FAQs

Face contouring surgery FAQs
Check out our frequently asked questions on mandible reduction, zygoma reduction, V-line chin surgery, and genioplasty. 

1. Where will the incision and the scar be for facial bone contouring surgery?
The incision will be inside the mouth, so that there won’t be any visible scar.
2. For how long should I use the elastic bandage?
For about 2 months after the surgery except when you go outside.
3. How long does it take to subside swelling for facial bone contouring surgery?
Immediate swelling subsides in about 2weeks and the final swelling will slowly subside as time goes by within a month.
4. Will there be severe pain?
Patient will have painkiller injected after the surgery, so there aren’t any pain.
However, if patient still feel some pain, doctor prescribe the medication to reduce the pain.
5. For how long should I take liquid food after my surgery?
It depends on the patient’s condition, but for a week the patient need to eat liquid food.
6. Can asymmetrical face be corrected by facial contour surgeries?
Yes, it can be improved greatly by the facial contour surgeries.
7. From when can I open my mouth easily after the surgery?
After about a month patient can open their mouth with ease but there is an individual variation.
8. After surgery: When can I start to brush my teeth?
After a week from the surgery, you can brush your teeth.
9. Will I have totally different facial impression after the surgery?
When patients have wide zygoma and mandible, they tend to have strong impressions while after the surgery, it changes to soft and mild. However, right after the surgery, it’s not showing since there will be a lot of swelling.
10. How is zygoma reduction performed?
In case of zygoma reduction in VIP plastic surgery clinic in Korea, there are two methods of surgeries. One is fixation method and one is non-fixation method. 
Fixation method is effective for people who have protruded zygoma. The incision will be intraoral, which won’t be noticeable externally. The middle part of protruded zygoma will be  reduced and the fixation will be made with the medical special fine wire. It is the best material to tighten the bones together since there’s no gap between the bones. Also, when you touch the part of the reduced part, wire is not able to feel that much compared to screws. 
Non-fixation zygoma reduction is for people who have wide zygomas, which are protruded to sideways. The incision will be made inside the hairline, so it will not show from outer view. Through the incision line, the side cheekbone will be pushed in. The fixation is not needed for this method so there won’t be any foreign materials that will be remained in the bone. 
For both methods, the immediate swelling will be subsided in 2 to 3 weeks and the final results will be down in about 4 months, depending on the patient’s condition. You will be able to get diagnosed exactly when you come in for consultation in person to VIP plastic surgery center Korea. 
11. How can I achieve slim V-line face?
If you would like to have small and slim oval face shape,  VIP recommends to have mandible reduction and V-line chin surgery. 
There are two types of mandible reduction at VIP plastic surgery center – short cut and long cut.  
V-line chin surgery is to make your chin sharper.
12. What should I do, Implant or Genioplasty for my chin?
From a long experience at VIP cosmetic surgery center, our doctor would like to suggest genioplasty instead of inserting an implant for a chin. Wearing implant for a few years, the chin bone gets weaker and weaker. So recently many patients removed their implants and redo genioplasty. Also implant cannot make dramatic results, it only gives a little bit of improvement.
13. How can I improve my droopy double chin?
The platysma muscle droops and splits as you get aged. VIP provides smart laser lipolysis procedure that helps reducing the droopy chin.

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