Eyelid surgery FAQs

At VIP International Plastic Surgery Center Seoul Korea, we perform incision method double eyelid surgery, non-incision method double eyelid surgery, half incision – half non incision double eyelid surgery, upper eyelid blepharoplasty, lower eyelid blepharoplasty (eye bag removal), ptosis correction, brow lift, epicanthoplasty, and more. 
Due to aging, asymmetry, sunken, small eyes, and many other reasons, diverse patients visit our clinic for eyelid surgery. 

Please take a look at most frequently asked questions about eyelid surgery. 
If you have any other questions, always feel free to email us at vipps@vipps.kr

 1.    Do my double eyelids stay permanent with non-incision method?
Unless the eye muscles are weak, it is permanent.

 2.    How long does it take to fully open the eyes after ptosis blepharoplasty?
As the swelling subsides in about 1~2 month or if it’s severe case, takes about 3months
it gets better and has no trouble opening eyes.


 3.    When can I start the eye make-up?
Patients should avoid eye make-up right after the surgery but in about 2weeks, simple make-up is enabling.

  4.    From when can I have my face washed?
Patients can not wash their faces with water until 4th day from the surgery.
Cleansing foam can be applied after a week from the surgery.

  5.    How long does it take to look natural?
It is all individual, but usually immediate swelling subsides in about 1~ 2 months
and it takes about 4~6months for the final result.

  6.    Would there be any scar left after the epicanthoplasty?
Our doctors proceed this surgery with the scar that can be hardly noticed.

  7.    Is lateralcanthoplasty definitely permanent?
It is applicable by the condition of the patient’s eyes.

  8.    How long does it take to subside swelling?
Immediate swelling subsides in about 2~3 weeks and it will natural within 1~2 month.
But it is all individual due to patients’ condition.

  9.    Can I wear contacts after the surgery?
It is recommended to avoid wearing contacts since the eyes are very sensitive after the surgery. After about a week, you can wear it only when it’s necessary.

  10.  What kind of anesthesia will be performed on the surgery?
For eye surgeries, local anesthesia is proceeded.

11.  I have droopy eyes. What should I do?
If the eye muscle function has decreased, you will have sleepy and droopy eyes. VIP surgeons would recommend blepharoptosis procedure. Your excess skin and fat will be removed, and the muscle would be adjusted.

12. When can I start wearing the eye make-up?
After an eye surgery at VIP International Cosmetic Surgery Center, patients should avoid eye make-up right after the surgery but in about 2 weeks, simple make-up is enabling.

13. Is it possible to get rhinoplasty and eye surgery done at the same time?
Yes, it is possible to get both surgeries done on the same day at VIP Plastic Surgery Center.

14. How long do I have to stay in Korea for eyelid surgery?
You need to stay at least 4-5 days in Korea for eyelid surgery. We usually recommend patients to stay for 5-7 days.

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