What to Expect After Plastic Surgery & How to Recover Quickly

What to Expect After Plastic Surgery & How to Recover Quickly

We have received numerous questions what to expect right after the surgery and during their stay in Korea. Hopefully, this post helps you prepare thoroughly for your upcoming trip to Korea. :’)





While staying in Korea is usually 1-2 weeks for many patients, this is the crucial recovery phase you may wish to look natural as much as possible. Here are lists of what to expect after your plastic surgery and how to maintain your condition.


1. Expect Swelling

It is unavoidable when it comes to swelling regardless of any type of surgery. The degree of swelling depends on the patient’s condition, so if you ever had any experience of surgery before that gave you a big swelling, you can expect to have a major swelling for your upcoming surgery as well. The best way to relieve the swelling is to avoid just lying down on your bed all day but to walk around frequently to fasten your recovery.

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2. Bruises

From our experience, bruising is a selective condition which does not happen to everyone. It also depends on types of surgeries you get. For example, if you are planning to undergo osteotomy as part of the rhinoplasty, it is highly likely that you will have bruises. But you do not need to worry too much! These bruises naturally go away within recovery time and after few days, you will be able to cover with some make-up. 🙂 If you would like to really prevent the bruises beforehand, I would like to recommend bruises-preventive supplements that can be found in VIPPS.


3. Discomfort & pain

Let’s face it. We all want to avoid the pain. That is one of the major reasons why patients hesitate to undergo surgery. And our staff fully understand this concern. Thankfully, recent medical development allows VIPPS to provide 24-hour-IV-painkiller that is connected to the patient body releasing small amounts of painkiller every seconds-minute. Unless you are hypersensitive to pain, most of the patients were glorifying how this 24-hour painkiller made them feel the most comfortable recovery phase. (really.) Do not worry that this will be gone after 24 hours. Our nurses check the amount of painkiller and refill as needed. Usually, we provide this painkiller for 48 hours, and after 48 hours, the necessity disappears. Although pain can be controlled, please expect that you will feel some discomfort after the surgeries.


4. Nose surgery – removing gauzes (packing) & protective cast

Due to the nature of nose surgery, our doctors need to pack your nose with gauzes right after the surgery to avoid bleeding. You are still able to breathe through your nose because doctors also placed two tubes. However, yes, it is difficult to freely breathe. So, when is the time they will remove your gauzes and protective cast?

You will remove your gauzes 4 days after the surgery.

You will remove your protective cast 7 days after the surgery.

The duration of time may differ depending on your recovery phase and condition though.

You may use an ice pack to calm your swelling. 🙂

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5. Eye surgery – What to do

For eye surgery, we recommend you to massage with an ice pack. An ice pack is great because it helps reduce the swelling. The most important stage of eye surgery is that you must practice how to open your eyes without lifting your forehead muscles. This practice is telling your body to adjust to open your eyes with eye muscles only. Overall, it also helps shape more defined and beautiful line.


6. Facelift surgery – What to do & What NOT to do

For facelift surgery, many customers ask us what to do during their recovery phase. Believe it or not, do not do anything. This especially includes hot massage. Hot massage can loosen up your lifted tissues which are not the ideal result you are thinking of. The best way to recover from facelift surgery is to walk around and shop around Seoul! The more you walk around, the better and natural your result gets. 🙂


These were common things you can expect after your surgeries. Overall, all these symptoms are natural to our bodies and eventually they all disappear after your recovery phase. 🙂 These symptoms are what everyone is going through with you, so do not be afraid to ask us what to do. Eat well, sleep well, lightly walk around (avoid extreme activity!), and most importantly, stay positive! Patients who have positive mindsets for their outcomes really surprised us with amazing recovery. It is true!


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