Double eyelid surgery & Ptosis correction Review

“When I was young, many people said my first impression is cold and hard to get along. Because my eyes were long and the tip headed upwards, my friends used to call me cat eyes. People judged me just by my cold first impression and my personality also became inhospitable. I hated my friends calling me cat eyes and I also hated people judging me by first impression even though later they found out that I was a girl who’s easy to get along. 

My mom’s friend recommended VIP to have a consultation for my eyes. I was not thinking about surgical method to improve my impression but after the consultation I decided right away to have surgery the next day. Doctor gave me a belief that I can change my impression and can still make it a natural result.

And after the surgery, my life changed. Just by non-incision double eyelid surgery, my impression got softer and more girly. As people came up to me more easily and talk to me, I was able to open myself up and become more social.

My brother had ptosis so 2 years after my surgery, he went to VIP for incision method ptosis correction surgery. He is also very satisfied with the result. 
Thank you so much. 

xoxo Jen”

Check out Jen’s review on her double eyelid surgery.
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