Double eyelid surgery: Incision vs Non-incision

Non incision method (Suture)

Without a scalpel, the suture (non-incision) method is to fix the crease. This is to unite the levator muscle with the eyelid skin through several stitches, without incision.
The tied strand is hidden durably into the desired crease line to avoid untying. This so-called “quick double eyelid surgery” (20 minutes) without much swelling is popular for people who work. It is appropriate for eyes with thin eyelids and little fat or muscle. 

Semi-Incision method

This is a complex method of both suture and incision to complete the disadvantages of the two methods. In the incision method, the entire eyelid is incised, while in semi-incision, only several parts of the eyelid are incised and sutured. Thus, it allows the crease to be hardly lost and the scar to barely remain as well as the fat to be removed. The swelling goes down in five days after the surgery, making it very popular among young women. 

Incision method

First, the skin is incised with a scalpel along the desired crease line and the levator muscle is cut a little bit and at the orbital fat is taken out. Then, the levator muscle and the dermis layer are tied in some places and the incised line is sutured. It takes a relatively long time for the swelling to fade (1 to 2 weeks) and the eyes to look natural, but it creates a strong crease that lasts a longer time.
This is appropriate especially for droopy and fat eyelids.

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