DOs & DON’Ts before plastic surgery

1. Mentally prepare yourself
2. Physically stay healthy
3. Wear comfortable clothes 
4. Have general examination and check your condition 
5. Check your medication with the doctor
6. Take a clean shower before the surgery
7. Prepare sunglasses, hat, or mask on the surgery day 
8. Check your blood pressure with the doctor
9. Let any of your illness of allergy to the doctor 

1. Do not take aspirin, vitamin E, omega 3(fish oil), and hormonal drugs for 2 weeks before the surgery
2. Do not take herbal medicine, ginseng, and red ginseng extract for 2 weeks before the surgery 
3. Do not drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or do drugs for 2 weeks before the surgery 
4. Avoid monthly menstruation on the surgery day 
5. Do not wear jewelry and contacts on the surgery day 
6. Do not wear make up on the surgery day 
7. Do not wear nail polish on the surgery day 
8. Do not eat anything 7 hours before the surgery day. 

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