Daily scenes of Seoul

Daily scenes of Seoul

Visiting Korea: 

 Daily scenes of Seoul

Visting a new country and new city is always exciting. Even if you are coming from nearby countries, languages, culture, and customs are so different from your own that every little thing you see and do is an experience. 
VIP International Plastic Surgery Center presents daily scenes of Seoul to our readers – especially for patients that are afraid or nervous to go somewhere completely new. 

When you get off from Incheon International Airport, it will take about 1.5 – 2 hours to get to the city center of the Seoul. From Gimpo airport, it will take about 30-50 minutes depending on the traffic. 

Seoul is a very modernized city. It is composed of 2 areas, northern side of the Han River called “Gangbuk” and southern side of Han River called “Gangnam”. Gangbuk is the older part of the city, and have traditional palaces and popular tourist destinations, such as Myungdong, Hongdae, and Dongdaemoon. Yes, Gangnam is the area from “Gangnam Style,” and it is the newer part of the city. VIP International Plastic Surgery Center is located in Gangnam, Apgujung. 

As more than half of the population lives in Seoul or nearby suburban cities of Seoul, Seoul is a pretty condensed city. Most of the places can be reached by public transportation, and our subway system is very well organized and easy to follow. Taxi fares are very affordable as well. Due to high population ratio, you will be able to see high rise apartments and office buildings, especially in Gangnam area. 
Our summer is hot and humid, and our winder is cold and dry. Typical summer is June – August, and typical winter is December – February. 

There are many cosmetics store, clothing stores with affordable prices and high quality. A wide variety of healthy Korean food, street food, coffee and dessert shops are in almost every block. 

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