Contracted Nose Revision Rhinoplasty: When A Nose Job Goes Bad

Contracted Nose Revision Rhinoplasty: When A Nose Job Goes Bad

You’ve gotten a nose job and you couldn’t be more excited! However, as time passes, you have a severely upturned nose and your nostrils are more visibly pronounced. This is, of course, an unwanted side effect. When you look in the mirror, you become extremely depressed and hopeless. Nevertheless, there is a solution: contracted nose revision rhinoplasty. In this post, we will examine causes of contracted nose, best ways to avoid contraction and the surgery to correct a contracted nose.



contracted nose revision rhinoplasty



Contracted nose is a condition that occurs after rhinoplasty when there has been an injury to the nose. This nose injury can be due to a number of factors. These factors are: 1) capsular contraction due to silicone implants, 2) Infection, 3) multiple surgeries or 4) patient’s skin condition.

Since the most widely performed rhinoplasty procedure for Asians is lengthening of the dorsum or tip, it can present a challenge. Surgeons would prefer to utilize autologous cartilage for these procedures however this may not be possible. Due to the smaller base structure and short nose, autologous cartilage material is not sufficient for a substantial augmentation. As a result, surgeons utilize silicone implants because it is more tolerable. Dr. Lee states:  “However, many patients suffer from silicone-related complications, which induce soft tissue contraction and deform the already fragile nasal structure.” 

People often call a contracted nose a “piggy nose”. This is due to the scarring that occurs on and underneath the skin. resulting in thick skin. Over time, the scarring can cause the tip to point upwards which makes the nose look like a snout.

The best way to avoid a contracted nose is to find an experienced surgeon. A skillful surgeon will handle foreign implants carefully. They won’t place the foreign implant too high as this puts a lot of pressure on the nose. Too much pressure on the nose can result in a contracted nose. Similarly, an experienced surgeon will not place foreign material specifically silicone, from the bridge of the nose to the tip of the nose. The least amount of foreign material placed in the nose, the better.

Possible Side Effects of Nose Job Implants


The best solution for a contracted nose is revision rhinoplasty. A revision rhinoplasty (secondary rhinoplasty)  is rhinoplasty to repair or revise a previous rhinoplasty. This secondary surgery is done to repair cosmetic deficiencies or functional issues; a result of the primary rhinoplasty. Some examples are an inflamed, stubby or hardened nose. 

How long should a patient wait for revision rhinoplasty? A patient should wait for at least 1 year.The nose tissue needs time to heal. Furthermore, the skin on the nose has to be stretchable enough in order to build structure and to lengthen the nose.

Because contracted nose revision rhinoplasty requires more precision than the primary surgery, it is imperative to utilize a skilled and experienced surgeon who has performed many of these procedures. A surgeon will determine whether to utilize closed or open rhinoplasty. This is dependent on how severe the contracture is and/or the requirements of the patient.

At VIP, we have two goals with contracted nose revision rhinoplasty: removal and rebuilding. We remove all foreign implants in the nose to ensure safety and we rebuild “a supporting structure in the basement of the nose.” If the nose is severely contracted, we “ensure the length and the structure first; then adding the height can be considered accordingly using an autologous tissue.”


The best material used for revision rhinoplasty on a contracted nose is rib cartilage. Why is this? Rib cartilage is extremely flexible and resilient. In addition, it is 100% autologous which means it comes from the patient. Additionally, it is also very safe and extremely effective. Rib cartilage is the best material to rebuild a collapsed or contracted nose.

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In order to recover from contracted nose revision rhinoplasty, it will take a longer time (approximately 2 weeks) because of the harvesting of your rib cartilage. However, rest assured that you are in the right hands. Rib Cartilage Rhinoplasty is one of VIP’s signature surgeries and we are well known for it. We have performed this surgery for over 16 years. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to book a consultation.


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