Breast Surgery FAQs

1.    Is breast-feeding possible after the surgery?
Yes, it is possible.

2.    What part would the incision be made?
Usually under the breast, areola, or armpit.

3.    What kind of foreign implants are used recently?
These days, Cohesive gel is used which is safe and feels a lot like original breast.

4. What types of breast implants do you use?
For the breast augmentation, VIP international plastic surgery center currently provides two types of breast implants; textured round implant and tear-drop implant. The difference between two implants is mainly the shape and the naturalness. Round type is round as the name of the implant, and the tear drop type looks like natural breast shape so it looks more natural.

5.    How does it feel after the breast surgery?
The Cohesive gel that are used recently, feels almost like original breast.   

6.    How long does the scar last from the surgery?
After about 3 months the scar almost blurs out, but it varies by patient’s condition and case.

7.    Is there any special medication that I should take after breast augmentation?
After the breast augmentation surgery using foreign implant, you will have to take Accolate or Lukair for about 3 to 4 months to prevent the hardening of the breast tissue.

8.    Will it look and feel natural like the original breast after the breast augmentation?
Yes, it will be natural.

9.    Is breast cancer examination possible after the surgery?
Yes, it is possible to take the breast cancer examination after the surgery.

10. Would there be severe pain after the surgery?
For breast augmentation, we insert endoscope to monitor the precise range and size of the foreign implant, so there won’t be a lot of bleeding or pain.
11. Can I do the breast fat graft? I am skinny.
Fat graft breast augmentation requires you to have A LOT of fat inside your body. If you don’t have enough fat, then the procedure cannot be done. Please tell us your weight in Kg to determine if you can have breast fat graft augmentation.

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