Breast Implant Sizing: How To Choose The Best Implant Size For You

Breast Implant Sizing:  How To Choose The Best Implant Size For You


When you decide to undergo breast augmentation surgery, it can be very exciting. However, one of the most difficult aspects of this surgery is making sure you choose the right breast implant sizing for you. Because breast implant sizes range from  100 to 1000 cubic centimeters, there are so many choices. This measurement can be quite a challenge for women as it seems pretty confusing. One cc is the equivalent of one milliliter or 0.3 ounces. The most popular implant sizes are 300 to 400 cc.  What is most important is not the cup size or cc but how it factors into your figure, pregnancy plans, lifestyle and your current breast tissue.

This post will talk about breast implant sizing and how important the above factors are with breast augmentation.

Breast Implant Sizing: How To Choose The Best Implant Size For You

At VIP, one of our most requested surgeries, especially among our foreign patients, is breast augmentation. Interestingly enough, our patients do not stress over the actual procedure but about which breast implant size they should choose. This indecision is the cause of many sleepless nights and can be a difficult decision if they don’t have the right guidance. Choosing the wrong size breast in regards to breast augmentation can traumatic as many women will opt for revision breast surgery.

If you are considering breast augmentation, these are the particular factors that you should consider when you choose your breast implants.

Breast Implant Sizing Considerations:

Your Figure

Your Figure is a big determinant of what size breast implants you should choose. If you are a thin woman with a lean frame, it is important that you choose an implant size that is not too large. A heavy, large breast implant can cause pain on the back and make it difficult for you to go about your daily routine. Alternatively, a woman with a larger frame usually has a better experience with large sized implants.  

A size “D” for a woman with a smaller frame can look completely disproportional and unnatural as opposed to a woman with a larger frame. The latter woman’s breasts can look completely natural and proportionate.    

Your Pregnancy Plans

If you are planning on becoming pregnant relatively soon; this may affect what breast implant size to choose. This is due to the changes that your breasts have during pregnancy and after breastfeeding. Usually, during pregnancy, a woman’s breasts may become a few sizes bigger and then after delivery return to its original state. Sometimes, the breasts may become smaller and more deflated due to breastfeeding. As a result, when you come into our clinic for consultation, we will ask you about your pregnancy plans. If you choose to move forward with breast augmentation, your plans will be taken into consideration. You may even choose to wait until after giving birth and breastfeeding to get breast augmentation. 

Your Lifestyle

Are you an active person? If you are an active person and exercise a lot, a large implant may not be your best option. If an active person has large breasts this may interfere with the level of comfort.  In particular, a runner with large breasts may get sagging breasts because of the up and down movements. 

What kind of lifestyle do you have? Are you in a career where you want to appear professional?  If so, women will not usually opt for big or dramatic-sized implants but rather more moderately-sized implants.

Your Current Breast Size 

Your current breast size is also an important factor.  If you don’t have much breast tissue, you can’t safely go to large as some implants may be too big.  A too large breast implant can cause multiple complications such as rippling, oddly shaped breasts and you may be able to feel the implant.  

How We Help You With Breast Implant Sizing

When you come to our clinic, we will consider all of the above options as well as your aesthetic goals. We recommend you bring photos to show us what you prefer and don’t like. In addition, when we help you to select the best breast implant size for you; we will assess your height, weight, the width of shoulders and hips, chest height and width, current breast dimensions and amount of breast skin.  

At VIP, you don’t have to fret over breast implant sizing. We will help you to achieve the best breast implant size for you, so you can sleep peacefully and have confidence that you have chosen the right size.

Contact us to start the process.  We look forward to hearing from you.



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