Breast Augmentation with “Teardrop” Implant

TEARDROP is the newly developed breast implant engineered to create natural looking breast shape by POLYTECH in 2012. The highest advantage of TEARDROP breast implant is the ultimate ability to create natural look of women’s breasts. Conventional breast implants of the past that are round in shape have the clear disadvantages over teardrop shaped implants as they had to be manipulated to form a teardrop shape by inserting or fixating them in a certain angle during the operation to make a round shape looks like a teardrop shape. This method often caused an unnatural bulge on the upper chest and posed many difficulties during the augmentation surgery.
Advantages of TEARDROP Breast Implant
Newly introduced TEARDROP breast implant has the shape of a teardrop itself, making it much easier to form a natural looking breast, and causing less capsular contracture. Varied forms and shapes of teardrop breast implant can deliver the shape and the size of breasts just right for each patient. Another notable advantage is shape-memory function with excellent stability whereas existing breast implants often rupture when the considerable amount of pressure is applied.
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