Breast Augmentation After Breastfeeding

Breast Augmentation After Breastfeeding



So you’ve given birth to a bundle of joy and you’re overwhelmed with how much love you feel. However, the constant sucking and pulling on your breasts have left them looking deflated. They are completely different from before you got pregnant. Many new mothers feel trauma over this. As a result, they opt for breast augmentation after breastfeeding to restore their breasts.

In this post, we will explore the options for breast augmentation after breastfeeding and how to find the best breast surgeon.  


After the rigors of breastfeeding, many women experience tissue deflation in their breasts. When this occurs, the loss of volume in the breasts become apparent. This is especially hard for women because, during pregnancy, most women gain at least one cup size.  However, the added volume disappears after a woman has had her baby.  As a result, many women yearn for the breasts they had previous to pregnancy.  In order to restore lost volume to the breast, a surgeon can perform breast augmentation.  

The appropriate time for breast augmentation after breastfeeding is at least 6 months after breastfeeding. Why is this? It’s because your hormones need to return to pre-pregnancy levels, and the breast needs to settle into their final size (without milk in the breasts). Moreover, there’s some concern that if there’s breast augmentation with leftover milk in the breasts, it can cause infection and implant contamination. After 6 months, a good surgeon will be able to gauge the ideal implant type, size, and shape for you for your breast surgery.


At VIP, we are specialists in breast surgery. We have many different types of implants to restore a new mother’s breast volume and to give her youthful and natural looking breasts. These are the traditional options such as saline, traditional silicone, and anatomic-shaped, form-stable cohesive gel implants.   We help you select the best breast implants for you.

It is important to ask yourself what is exactly your concern with your breasts? Are they empty looking and deflated? Does the position of your nipples bother you?  Are your breasts severely drooping? Once, we determine what the issue is, we recommend to you what exactly needs to be done to accomplish your goal. If you only need to restore volume, a breast augmentation utilizing the dual plane technique is the recommended procedure.  Dual plane breast augmentation is when the breasts implants are placed under the muscle using a dual-plane approach. This gives an internal lift and doesn’t give you the incision marks that are often the result of a breast lift.  Consequently, if your breasts are severely drooped and deflated, a breast lift (mastopexy) with breast augmentation is recommended.  This procedure is an excellent option for adding volume and achieving a more “uplifted” appearance.  


breast augmentation after breastfeeding


At VIP, we utilize many types of implants to restore volume to a new mother’s breasts: teardrop, micro-texture, round texture & smooth, and premium Motiva Implants.  Teardrop implants are anatomical implants because they produce a natural shape breast.  These are interesting for new mothers because they look more natural as they have more volume at the bottom.  Round breast implants give the appearance of fuller breasts and with a higher profile can even give more projection.  Smooth breast implants are softer than traditional implants and they tend to move more naturally with the breast implant pocket. ” Motiva breast implants are silicone, medical grade that have superb elasticity and have undergone rigorous testing. 


The best surgeon to give you a breast augmentation after breastfeeding is the surgeon who has had a lot of experience in breast augmentation.   At your consultation, we will examine your breasts and make specific recommendations. We are used to performing breast surgery on new mothers.  We will restore the volume and appearance of your breasts to your pre-pregnancy state.

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