BB cream: where and when did it start?

BB cream: where and when did it start?

BB cream: where and when did it start?


History of BB cream

BB cream stands for blemish balm, blemish base or beauty balm. It may be widely assumed that the BB cream began somewhere in Asia. However, to many’s surprise, such is not the case. BB cream was first introduced to the world by a dermatologist in Germany in the 1960s, who wanted to create all-in-one formula to protect the skin. It gained rapid popularity in South Korea and subsequently spread through other parts of Asia. BB cream has now become big even in western countries starting from the early 2010s. 


Benefits of BB cream

So what’s so great about BB cream? The number one reason may be due to its convenience. It is a makeup product that also offers skin care. Instead of using a number of different products, utilizing a single tube of BB cream does all the work for you. The majority of the BB creams on the market have the following effects: sun protection, anti-aging, skin regeneration, moisturizing, smoothening the skin, and more. Thus, it is widely used as an alternative to foundation and concealer, as it covers facial blemishes, such as spots and acne. 

How to apply BB cream

As for applying the BB cream, some people use their hands, while others prefer to use a sponge or a brush. You simply apply dots on the face (i.e. forehead, cheeks, nose and chin) and then pat the BB cream so that it can be absorbed entirely into the skin. If the cream is spread unevenly, add a bit more to such areas. The same goes for when applying it with a utensil (i.e. sponge or a brush). 

Have you all tried the BB cream? If so, what are its advantages? Do you have any personal tips on how to apply the BB cream? Feel free to leave comments below!

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