Anti-aging Tips From VIP

Let’s face the truth. 
It is not possible to stop the process of aging. 
However, it is possible to delay aging by following some healthy living tips and cosmetic procedures.
Anti-aging Tips:

1. Try to avoid stressful condition by giving yourself plenty of rest.
2. Use skin cosmetics or moisturizers that fits your skin type.
3. Always put on sunscreen and avoid strong sunlight.
4. Cleansing your face (and body) is a must after a long day.
5. Follow healthy diet and drink lots of water everyday.
6. Do some stretching and exercises 2 to 3 times a week.
These are some tips to delay aging, but  it is not possible to tighten the once loosen skin. 
Although you may be healthy, the appearance may make you look tired all the time.
One certain way to improve the loosen facial skin is undergoing cosmetic procedures.

In VIP International Plastic Surgery Center, our doctor performs High-SMAS facelift and necklift. 
Through over 15 years of experience and practice, the results of the patients are naturally looking young

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VIP International Plastic Surgery Center, Seoul, Korea

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