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What Makes a Beautiful Nose?

A beautiful nose is a nose that maintains balance with the whole facial features. Harmony Rhinoplasty is to achieve the natural-looking nose that is proportionally balanced to the face.

Though the ideal nose is different in individuals, generally a beautiful nose should be symmetrical, and have smooth curve with the nasal tip slightly turned up. The round sides (alar base) and tip of the nose form an isosceles triangle with oval shaped nostrils. The nasolabial angle (the angle of nose and upper lip) should be 95 to 100 degrees in women and 90 to 95 degrees in men.

Will a simple augmentation make your nose beautiful?

Most Asian patients assume that a simple nose augmentation would make them look beautiful. Would this be the case for everyone? Not quite so.
The nose is the central and key feature of the face. If the nose is projected without considering the facial balance, the result will be awkward. 


So… What is Harmony Rhinoplasty?

Asians have common features of protruded mouth from the profile view due to depressed mid-face and nose. Therefore, a general rhinoplasty involving a simple nose augmentation makes it difficult to improve mouth protrusion and achieve full, natural beauty. If you wish to have a beautiful nose, you must consider the other facial features; the forehead, lips, chin, and angles connected to the nose.

Common characteristics of Asian nose:
Harmony Rhinoplasty is an innovative method that clearly solves the mentioned problems by using rib cartilage to correct the deformed columella and mid-face depression. As the depressed mid-face is projected, the profile of ‘forehead-nose-mouth-chin’ becomes more prominent and sophisticated. 

The Effects of Harmony Rhinoplasty

1) Improvement of mouth protrusion
The nasal bridge and tip will be constructed with harvested rib cartilage, and the depressed mid-face will be improved by placing sculpted rib cartilage inside the empty space of columella. The typical disproportional Asian feature is improved without a major surgery such as gum reduction or orthognathic (two-jaw/corrective jaw) surgery.
2) Improvement of short chin with genioplasty
Many Asian patients are diagnosed with short, small chin that causes the mouth to look protruded. To correct the mouth protrusion, some patients go through complex and risky surgical procedures which require extraction of four teeth, incision of gum and facial bone. Harmony Rhinoplasty does not require the complicated orthognathic surgery as rhinoplasty can be combined with genioplasty (chin surgery). 

3) Improvement of protruding jaw
Except for the severe overbite and under-bite cases, Harmony Rhinoplasty can enhance the mid-face depression by constructing overall nose structure.  

Difference between orthognathic surgery and Harmony Rhinoplasty

If the mouth is protruded and mid-face is depressed, most people undergo complicated orthognathic surgery (two-jaw/ corrective surgery) compounded with extraction of four teeth and gum reduction surgery.

Orthognathic surgery was originally a reconstructive surgery for patients with jaw misalignment (severe cross or over bite). Nevertheless, now the surgery is often misused for aesthetic purposes.
However, the orthognathic surgery requires orthodontic treatments for 1 to 2 years before/after surgery, and severe side effects may follow during postoperative recovery. Therefore, orthognathic surgery is suitable for patients whom are seeking for reconstructiverather than aesthetic surgery.  
By contrast, Harmony Rhinoplasty with rib cartilage graft solves the mouth protrusion by projecting the mid-face without the complicated process of orthognathic surgery (extraction of teeth, orthodontic treatment after the surgery, risk of facial nerve damage, etc). 

Before & After of Harmony Rhinoplasty


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