African American Rhinoplasty in Korea

African American Rhinoplasty in Korea

African American Rhinoplasty in Korea


South Korea is indeed the best destination for Plastic Surgery. Skillful, knowledgeable, and experienced surgeons and best medical tourism system exists for foreigners traveling to Korea for plastic surgery. Not only Asians fly over to Korea, but diverse group of people visit Seoul to find talented Korean Plastic Surgeons. Let’s find more about ethnic rhinoplasty and African American Rhinoplasty!


What is Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Ethnic Rhinoplasty is a nose surgery for different ethnic groups including Asian, Caucasian, African, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Indian, etc. While improving aesthetic shape of the nose, ethnic rhinoplasty maintains each ethnicity’s specific traits and characteristics. Usually, Caucasians have narrow and high hump nose with septal deviation, while Asian people usually have low, small, and bulbous nose. African American traits are quite similar to Asian nose, usually with wide alar base and bulbous nose tip. 


Common Traits of African American Nose

These traits do not apply to everyone, but are common and typical traits of African American nose. 

  1. Bulbous Nose Tip
  2. Wide Alar Base
  3. Wide Nostrils
  4. Mouth Protrusion
  5. Poor Tip Projection or Droopy Tip
  6. Deviated Septum

African American Rhinoplasty Surgery Method

There are many methods in rhinoplasty depending on each individuals nose condition. At VIP, our doctors usually perform 2 popular methods of rhinoplasty: 1) Septal Cartilage Rhinoplasty and 2) Rib Cartilage Rhinoplasty along with VIP’s special surgery, 3) “Mid-face Augmentation”

1. Septal Cartilage Rhinoplasty

Septal Cartilage is a cartilage located inside of the nose, supporting the middle part. This cartilage can be harvested to build structure of the nose. Base of the nose can be structured with pieces of harvested septal cartilage, giving support to columella for tip projection. For sharper nose tip, soft tissues may be removed. If there is any septal deviation, deviated part will be corrected with the cartilage pieces. Wide alar base is corrected with alar base reduction, with small incision on the corner of alar base. For bridge, if there is not enough septal cartilage to harvest, small piece of silicone implant may be used for the bridge only. Read more about Septal Cartilage Rhinoplasty HERE.

2. 100% Rib Cartilage Rhinoplasty

Depending on individual’s nose condition, available septal cartilage amount may be limited. If a patient wishes to only use their own tissue (cartilage) without using any foreign implant, she/he can consider 100% rib cartilage rhinoplasty. Rib cartilage rhinoplasty is harvested right under the breast line. As the materials are strong and abundant, rib cartilage can build the nose structure, bridge, and tip. Those individuals with low bridge, and weak structure can “build up” the nose and project the tip with rib cartilage pieces. Same for septal cartilage rhinoplasty, tip projection, alar base reduction, soft tissue removal from the tip, and septal deviation correction will be performed as well. 

3. Mid-face augmentation


Along with rhinoplasty, to improve profile view of the entire face, VIP doctors perform mid-face augmentation. African American patients usually have protruded mouth. This mouth protrusion is due to “sunken mid face”. To improve such depressed part of the mid face, mid-face augmentation is performed to “elevate” the sunken area below the nose base.  See below for an example:

African American Rhinoplasty Side View
African American Rhinoplasty Oblique View

Why VIP Plastic Surgery Korea for African American Rhinoplasty?

Can Korean doctors operate African American Rhinoplasty? Why VIP for your nose surgery?

  1. VIP is an international plastic surgery clinic and patients from all over the world visit us. Our doctors are experienced with many different ethnicity, with countless African American Rhinoplasty Cases.
  2. Trained and studied under masters of plastic surgery in the United States, our chief surgeon Dr. Lee was exposed and experienced with diverse ethnic rhinoplasty cases from 1999. 
  3. VIP is an international surgery clinic providing extensive care to foreign patients. Click here to read more about the services you will receive at VIP:
  4. Our surgery results are exclusive. CLICK HERE for before and after photos of African American Patients.


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