Advantages of Rib (Coastal) cartilage

The amount of rib cartilage is abundant!
In a human body, there are 12 rib cartilages placed on each side of the frontal part of the ribs. Rib cartilage number 6 to 10 are used in rhinoplasty and number 7 is the most common one, since it is the straightest material.
Therefore, it can be used in various ways for rhinoplasty. 
Scarring is minimal!
Since the incision will take place along the under breast line, scarring will be minimal. Therefore, the scar will fade after 6-12 months and will be on the folded line under the breast. 
Absorption is minimal!
In contrast to cadaver rib cartilage, autologous rib cartilage tissue has minimal absorption. 
Resistant to infection!
Autologous rib cartilage is resistant to infection. Therefore, it can be used for primary very low nose and secondary deformity nose. It is especially the preferred grafting material to correct the secondary deformed nose, such as previously infected nose, contracted nose and short nose deformity.
Rib cartilage requires a special technology to prevent warping, asymmetry, absorption, scarring and to lengthen the tissue.
It is very important to choose the right doctor with a lot of research and experience. If rib cartilage is used by an undertrained doctor, a lot of problems will occur. The reason is that training for harvesting, carving the rib cartilage, making the nasal structure and getting the sense of art about human body require a significant learning curve.

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