6 Korean foods that can enhance skin beauty for reverse aging

6 Korean foods that can enhance skin beauty for reverse aging

It is inevitable that the skin plays an important role in conveying beauty to others, especially if you’re desiring to appear young. Even an individual with beautiful facial features would seem unattractive and old if she has terrible skin with wrinkles. In addition to skin treatment, food consumption can significantly influence the skin. Here is a list of 6 Korean foods that can help enhance the beauty of your skin, which can subsequently make you appear younger than your actual age! 

1) Jokbal (족발), Pig’s trotters

Jokbal (족발) refers to pig’s trotters (pig’s feet) that is seasoned in soy sauce and spices then steamed. Jokbal is rich in proteins, such as collagen and elastin. Collagen provides strength to the skin, and elastin increases skin elasticity and softness.

2) Pork rind

Pork rind is the pig’s skin. It is rich in collagen, thus greatly helpful for skin regeneration and maintains skin elasticity. It is especially good for people with dry skin.
Dishes: pork rind barbecue, fried pork rind

3) Seaweed

Seaweed is rich in vitamins A and C, which whiten the skin, as it is effective in preventing melanin pigmentation. A brighter complexion will make you appear younger.
Dishes: dried seaweed, seaweed soup
-Dried seaweed seasoned with salt is widely eaten with rice.
-Seaweed soup is not only good for the skin but also helps reduce swelling.

4) Dried Persimmon

Dried persimmons are abundant in vitamin C, which is effective in clearing up freckles and blemishes. Dried persimmons contain antioxidative components (i.e. polyphenol and flavonoid) that eliminate active oxygen, which attacks collagen and elastin. Furthermore, rich vitamin A, fiber, and minerals in dried persimmons are good for the skin and also prevent skin aging. 

5) Eel

Eel is rich in protein and vitamin B. In addition, it is abundant in vitamin A, which controls the skin balance. Therefore, it is good for skin reproduction and elasticity, as well as wrinkle prevention.
Dishes: grilled eel, rice topped with grilled eel

6) Bean paste

Bean paste is effective in whitening the skin, as it clears up freckles and blemishes. It also protects individuals from various skin diseases and prevents aging of the skin.
Dishes: bean paste soup, tofu soup, tofu pancake
If you haven’t already, check out these delicious Korean dishes — you’ll not only enjoy the taste but also their effects of reversing your age!
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