5 Reasons to Visit Seoul

5 Reasons to Visit Seoul

As you plan your next vacation, I’m sure you want a place that will offer you not only great entertainment but a place ripe with memories. A place where the food is great, the people are friendly and the adventures are limitless. Seoul is full of things to do, great food and the culture is one of a kind. Here, you will find 5 of the top reasons to visit Seoul and what you can do while visiting.

1.       Delicious Korean Food
If you love food that is spicy and healthy, you are going to the right place. Korean BBQ is a well-known city cuisine and offers grilled fresh cuts of beef and pork tableside. The portions of the sides are unlimited and can include soup, fresh vegetables and a selection of spicy sauces. Most of the ingredients are locally grown and serve as the freshest food you can find.
2.       Thriving Nightlife and Entertainment
The nightlife in Seoul is just like a never-ending party. Drinking alcohol is a frequent social event among family and friends alike. Many people prefer a local rice liquor called Soju which is normally served in a green glass bottle. It is similar to Japan’s Sake; however, Soju is the most popular sold liquor in the world.
      Interesting Culture
You will find that Koreans live by a uniting “work hard, play hard” mentality. No matter if work is a business or construction, Koreans put every last effort into accomplishing success. Respect is ingrained into society, especially when one interacts with an elder or someone they do not know. It is very common to see Koreans giving the proper bow as a greeting and they always use two hands when giving or receiving as a sign of politeness. Korean culture is quite unique.
4.       Innovations that are Tech-savvy
It seems like Korea is five years ahead of the world when it comes to technology. At night, the streets are never dark thanks to neon signs that light the way and inside almost every building, there is a giant Samsung television mounted to the wall. There are many other top-of-the-line devices that are seen everywhere in Korea to include: smartphones, computers, printers and air conditioners. Korea is known to be the most connected country in the world thanks to the widespread Wi-Fi connectivity available.
5.       Advanced Plastic Surgery Available

Along with being very tech-savvy, Koreans know how to perform amazing plastic surgery procedures. Whether you are looking for a nose job, breast augmentation or eye surgery, you will undoubtedly find the right doctor for the job. Korean plastic surgery is known for its advanced techiques that will give you the best results money can buy. You will have many different options to choose from to correct your problem areas. Photos are available to view to show other’s success stories and you can be the next lucky person. You can find more information and even schedule a consultation with a seasoned plastic surgery doctor at beauty-korea.com.

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