5 reasons on why sleep deficiency is bad

Your life is so busy where you don’t even realize that you are not sleeping enough.
Here are some reasons why you need to sleep enough everyday:

Without enough sleep…

1. You tend to eat more
Because of hormone changes, when you don’t get enough sleep, 
you tend to crave more food than you actually need. 

2. You often feel sad
According to Seoul National University’s research, 
people who slept less than 7 hours felt more sad and gloomy.

3. Your body temperature drops down
Without enough sleep, your body temperature will drop down. 
It is important to keep your body temperature in the normal range 
because 1 degree Celsius decrease will result in 30% of immunity decrease, which is critical to your body. 

4. You tend to have less sex
Enough sleep helps your quality of sexual life.
With less sleep, there are significant hormone change, which can affect number of sperms produced. 

5. You might have issue socializing
Without enough sleep, your brain might not function normally. 
According to a study, your ability to read people’s mind and emotion can significantly decrease. 
This can effect your overall social life.

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