5 Habits that can cause premature wrinkles

5 Habits that can cause premature wrinkles

Although wrinkles naturally come with age, there are certain habits that you often engage in without thinking that can cause wrinkles even in your youth. Here’s a list of do not’s in order to keep you away from those unwanted wrinkles. Read carefully and stop instantly!

1. Not wearing sunscreen

When people get lazy with makeup or skin care, the first thing they skip is sunscreen. However, the importance of wearing sunscreen cannot be overemphasized. Sunscreen protects the skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which is responsible for damaging the skin cells. If you do not wear sunscreen, you will eventually begin to experience photoaging — premature aging of the skin due to continuous exposure to UV rays.

2. Chewing gum

Habitual gum-chewing may actually cause wrinkles around the mouth. The reason is that constantly chewing gum overuses the facial muscles on the side of the mouth, which leads to loss in skin elasticity, subsequently resulting in wrinkles. Think before you chew.

3. Skipping makeup removal

You had a long day. You just want to fall asleep because you know you’re going to wash up your face the next morning anyway. But no — get yourself up! Sleeping with makeup on will cause the makeup, as well as all the waste your skin gathered throughout the day, to penetrate into the pores. They will attack collagen and elastin, creating unwanted wrinkles.

4. Sleeping on your face

If you constantly sleep on your face, the pillow will cause wrinkles, which can become permanent in the long run. Thus, it is recommended that you sleep on your back, just like a princess in fairy tales. In addition, it depends on the material of the pillowcase. If you are the type of person who always sleeps on your face, an alternative is finding a pillowcase that has a glossy surface, which does not create creases on your face. 

5. Smoking

It is indisputable that smoking is bad for your health, notably the lungs. However, smoking is also detrimental to the skin, because it hinders blood flow. Consequently, oxygen is decreased, resulting in the loss of skin elasticity. This, in turn, causes premature skin aging. 

Please do your skin a favor and try quitting these habits. You may be able to prevent those unwanted premature wrinkles! 

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