4 Reasons Why Seoul Is Considered The World’s Plastic Surgery Capital

4 Reasons Why Seoul Is Considered The World’s Plastic Surgery Capital
Seoul, South Korea is considered the plastic surgery capital of the world.  In Gangnam alone, there exists over 500 plastic surgery clinics. This means that more procedures per capita are performed than any other nation.  This has been the case since 2009.   As time goes on, more and more people are attracted to South Korea to fix any issues they may have and foreigners are flocking to Seoul in record numbers.   The Washington Post states:  “Its medical tourism industry tripled its revenue from 2009 through 2012, rising to $453 million, Bloomberg News has reported. Much of that boom in foreign business is coming from China, but also Japan, Taiwan, Russia and the Middle East, says Yeo”.

1. Aesthetics

According to Korea Herald, “One explanation is that an attractive appearance is associated with positive social benefits. And therefore, undergoing surgery is regarded as a worthwhile investment. Research certainly reveals cultural prejudices toward attractive faces and physiques. For instance, matchmaking agencies in Korea often rate facial attractiveness as the most important factor ahead of other qualities such as educational or family background for those who are seeking a favorable marriage match. “

2. Entertainment

Koreans are very influenced by the entertainment industry and often see their celebrities as icons and want to model after them.  Korea Herald states :Celebrity influence is believed to be another factor behind the cosmetic surgery boom in Korea. Many well-known Korean male and female celebrities have drastically altered their appearance by having surgery, including Miss Korea 2012 Kim Yu-mi and Kim Hyun-joong, formerly a member of the boy band SS501. Their successful transformations provide motivation to those contemplating surgery.”

3. Western Influence

Koreans look to the West for influence as well and often want to have a more westernized look.  “Another explanation for the high rates of cosmetic surgery in Korea is the desire to achieve a more “Westernized” look. This is reflected in the popularity of certain procedures. One of the most popular being “ssankapul” surgery, commonly known as double eyelid surgery, which reduces excess skin in the upper eyelid to make the eyes look bigger. Another common procedure is jaw reconfiguration, which was originally developed to correct orthodontic problems like underbite and crossbite but has now become an increasingly popular means to achieve both a smaller and more sharply-defined face. “

4. Resources

Korean doctors are known to be the best in the world when it comes to plastic surgery.  Because of the amount of plastic surgery that they do, the state of the art facilities and innovative treatments such as stem-cell treatments, Korean doctors are in demand.  However, it’s important to find the right doctor for your needs. 
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