4 Makeup tips that can make you look younger

4 Makeup tips that can make you look younger

 4 Makeup tips that can make you look younger

Aging is a natural process, but most people want to reverse time on their face. Thus, people engage in various anti-aging routines or anti-aging plastic surgeries to prevent aging. In addition to these activities, the way you wear makeup can significantly influence the way you look — you can appear much younger or older depending on the makeup. Here’s a list of 4 makeup tips that can make you look younger than your actual age. 


1. Straight eyebrows 

Recently, Koreans (including celebrities) have been all about straight eyebrows — the arches have lost their popularity. A possible reason for this archless eyebrow trend may be that straight eyebrows are similar to the shape that they used to be when you were young. Thus, straight eyebrows give you a more youthful look than the arched eyebrows.

2. Pink blush 

Your skin becomes dry as you age, losing the youthful glow on your face. Thus, apply pink blush on your cheeks to bring back the lively and youthful look on your face. Remember to apply just the right amount of blush, for overdoing it can in fact make you appear older. 

3. Thin skin makeup  

Wearing too much makeup can actually make you appear a lot older than you actually are due to the unnatural look. Thus, apply a light amount of foundation and concealer on your face to just slightly cover the blemishes and spots on your face. 

4. Curly eyelashes 

Eyelashes tend to lose their curl with time. Applying mascara can solve this problem. If you’re too lazy to wear mascara, use an eyelash curler to produce a similar effect. Curly eyelashes make your eyes appear bigger and younger. 
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