4 Features that make you appear younger

4 Features that make you appear younger

1. Small face

 A small face makes people appear younger. The main reason may be that children have smaller faces than adults, thus there is a natural connection between a small face and being young. In addition, people with a small face tend to have a short chin as well, which may be another feature of a youthful face. Start massaging your face to obtain a small, V-line face.  

2. Voluminous hair

Hair is another greatly important element that goes with the youthful face. Hair loss is a sign of aging. Therefore, the more hair you have, the younger you would appear. Having voluminous, healthy, and shiny hair will make you look even livelier. 

 3. Chubby face 

Having an extra fat on your face is beneficial, as it is an important feature for maintaining a youthful look. When a person drastically loses a lot of weight, especially on their face, they tend to appear older. Children also have chubby cheeks, so adults with a chubby face appear much younger than those who lack plumpness in the face. 

4. Clear and wrinkle-free skin

This is an obvious one. Gaining wrinkles is one of the most prominent signs of aging. Flawless, blemish-free, and wrinkle-free complexion is important for the youthful look. Thus, make sure to wear sufficient amount of anti-aging creams and sun screen. This may contribute to slowing down the aging process. 

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