3 different types of Facelift Surgery

As you get old, skin sinking process is inevitable. Many people desire younger look as they get more wrinkles and sunken skin. 
Not all facelift surgeries are the same though. It is important to chose a right method for long lasting yet natural looking results. 
Here are different types of facelift surgeries:
1. Simple facelift
– Tightens only the skin flap
– Simple but does not last long
– Incision is sutured without other layers of the skin, can leave large scar
– Short operation time, quick recovery
2. MACS-Lift (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension)
– Recently introduced method
– Peel skin, tightens SMAS layer with thick, medical thread
– May cause unnatural facial expressions
– Only lasts several months
– Does not peel SMAS layer
– Short operation time, quick recovery
3. High SMAS Lift
– Skin and SMAS layer are safely peeled up to upper zygoma for full facelift
– Peel saggy tissues separately from the muscles and put it back on original position
– Effective in removing nasolabial folds
– Long lasting
– Very hard to perform; Only doctors with extensive experience and knowledge should perform. Otherwise, can have a damage on facial nerve
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