2012 ISAPS 21st Congress Dr.Lee’s Research Paper was Voted Best 5

2012 ISAPS 21st Congress in Geneva, Switzerland
Best 5 in Rhinoplasty
Dr.Lee presented his Research paper about Harmony Rhinoplasty. Asian Rhinoplasty for Harmonious Face explains how to improve Asian common structures which are protruded lips and depressed mid-face. He also emphasized harmonious ratio of nose and forehead to make natural face for each patient.
His theory attracted lots of attention from other plastic surgeons and he has presented his research paper to world plastic surgeons in Geneva, Switzerland. His research paper was voted Best 5 in Rhinoplasty category in 21st Congress. 
Dr.Lee is one of the very few Korean members of American Society of Plastic Surgeons and The American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, INC.
His “Harmony Face” and “Golden Line” theories are internationally famous and Dr.Lee is a doctor that leads Aesthetic Plastic Surgery trend for harmonious and natural beauty.

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