15 Effective Korean Beauty Secrets For Flawless Skin – Part 4

15 Effective Korean Beauty Secrets For Flawless Skin – Part 4

In our previous 3 posts, we outlined the key to flawless skin – the Korean Way.  Our last Two Secrets are actually hacks because they punch a wallop.

14.  Your Shower is Your Weapon

As mentioned previously, hydration is an important part of the Korean Skincare routine.  You can maintain the results of your skin clinic treatment by using your shower to steam your face.  Redbook recommends “not only using circular motions with your fingers, but also tapping in rotating motions—starting on the forehead, then the cheekbones, cheeks, and working down to the jawbone. Massaging increases circulation and creates a dewy complexion. For added benefit use an oil cleanser to maximize hydration.

You can also get a dewy complexion by utilizing the tips in this video:

15.  Drink Barley Tea

Barley Tea is a common tea in Korea and is extremely popular for it’s many benefits.  “Barley tea has a high level of antioxidants. It contains a number of compounds, such as lignans, selenium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which work as antioxidants. Health complications, such as inflammatory, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative disorders can be prevented by these antioxidants present in barley tea.” Some of the major beauty benefits is that it serves as a detoxification aid as well. 

According to Into The Gloss, “It’s common to see a pitcher of chilled boricha, or roasted barley tea, in the fridge during the spring and summer while the drink is served warm during colder months. Full of antioxidants and fiber, the nutty-tasting drink made from whole grains helps to cleanse your body of toxins, preserve skin elasticity and promote better blood circulation. The tea is a common substitute for water in every Korean household and kid-friendly because it is caffeine-free—it’s literally what’s in the water.”

Korean women are world-renowned for their skin however by following the tips in our posts, you will be well on your way to more clean and luminous skin.  If you are having major problems with your skin, why not ask us about our non-invasive lasers?  Just send us an email at vipps@vipps.kr

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