10-Step Korean Skincare Routine

#1. Sunscreen 

Before putting on foundation or bb cream, it is recommended to apply sunscreen for protection. It is usually known that even indoor lights have UV rays. 

#2. Lip & Eye Oil Remover 

It is usually hard to remove your extensive eye make-up just with your facial cleanser. Eye shadows, eye liner, mascara, and other glitters are recommended to remove with Lip & Eye Oil Removal on a cotton pad. After removing with your cotton pad, it is important to use a Q-tip to throughly remove near your eyelashes. 

#3. Cleansing Water / Wipes (Pre-cleansing step) 

If you put on foundation, bb cream, or any other skin covering make-up, wiping it out using cleansing water or cleansing wipes help you remove the first layer of your make up. 

#4. Cleansing Oil 

Cleansing oil throughly goes through your pore, removing sebum that has been built through out the day. Massage on your face with several pumps of cleansing oil to clean out your pores. 

#5. Cleansing foam (Double Cleanse)

Many people claim that just using cleansing oil makes their face oily. To cleanse your skin well, use a mild cleansing foam to wash off every thing. 

#6. Toner 

Toner is known as the last step of cleansing. Use a soft cotton pad and wipe out your skin softly.

#7. Scrub (Peeling) & Face Mask 

Once a week, it is important to peel off your dead skins and moisturize it afterwards. Mild peeling products or scrub products are helpful to make your skin soft. Face mask are the easiest way to instantly moisturize your face. Think of it as a ritual for your healthy moisturizing skin. 

#8. Serum / Essence

This step is to give nutrition to your skin. Find a product that fits you well to improve your skin. Functionality of these products include: brightening, moisturizing, wrinkle care and many more. 

#9. Moisturizing Cream & Night Cream

To keep your skin moisturize, cream is an essential step for everyone. During the summer, use a lighter hydrating cream, and during the super dry days of winter, add a drop of oil in your cream to better secure your skin. Usually night creams have thicker consistency than day creams. 

#10. Eye Cream

Most Korean older generations look younger than they are! Taking care of your wrinkle around your eyes make a big difference. One of the top actress Hye-kyo Song claimed that she has been using eye cream since very young age, preventing wrinkles around her eyes. 

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