10 Bad Habits for Your Skin

10 Bad Habits for Your Skin

We all admire clean, bright, and moist skin. Although we all think that we are taking good care of our skin by using skin care products, there are so many other factors that can change your skin easily. Check out 10 bad habits you have that are extremely bad for your skin with VIP Plastic Surgery Korea

1.Extreme weather: too humid / too dry

If you are living in an weather extreme area, it is important to balance the humidity out.
In dry conditions, try using humidifier and always moisturize your skin frequently. Avoid using forced air heater.  
In humid areas, try to cool the air down with air conditioner. Do not let your sweat remain on your skin and wash your face frequently.

2. Going to sleep with your make up on


After a long day, you get tired and just slide into your bed. However, not removing your make up will irritate your skin over night. All the dust will build into your skin and eventually make it break out. 

3. Not cleansing properly


Do you spend a lot of time putting on make up? How long does it take to take your make up off?
The most important stage of your make up is the cleansing stage. 
Even if you are tired and lazy at the end of the day, you should take time and effort to remove all your make up thoroughly.

4. Popping pimples on your own


Whenever your skin breaks out, and whenever that pimple on your face turns yellow, it’s so tempted to pop it with your hands. 
Popping pimple on your own is actually a very hard thing to do without leaving a scar. 
Leave it up to professionals until you get facial done. 
If you can’t visit a skin care professional, let it heal on it’s own. It will eventually be gone at some point. 
Popping on your own will irritate even more and you will infect the area.

5. Not putting sunscreen on 


Tanning might make you look healthy temporarily, but when UV light builds up on your skin, it will make your skin get older even faster. Korean people have a habit of applying sunscreen everyday, to prevent their skin getting old, or have any pigments on their face.

6. Unbalance of hydration & oil


Do you have lots of white heads on your skin? That’s because your skin is not balanced. A good proportion of oil & water is needed. If your skin is dry, try adding facial oil on your skincare. If your skin is oily, try adding a moisturizing hydration cream. 


7. Touching/ rubbing face with dirty hands


During the day, do you unconsciously rub and touch your face? 
You should know that the dirtiest area on your body is underneath your finger nails.
Touching with those finger will transfer dust and germs on your face.  



8. Working out with makeup on


If you have foundation or bb cream on your skin, it covers the pore of your skin. 
When working out, waste from your skin should be coming out from your sweat, but if your pore is closed with cosmetics, it would not be released and cause infection. 



9. Not drinking enough water


Your skin needs water too. Try to retain a good amount of hydration level in your body to feed your skin with water. 



10. Not working out 


Skin layer needs to be cleaned from time to time. If sweat does not get released from your skin, then waste product will not get a chance to be removed from your skin layer. 
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